Canadian Musician - January/February 2005

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January/February 2005 - Vol. XXVII, No. 1

Ron Sexsmith

by Karen Bliss

Explore Ron's life as a songwriter, from his first record, right up to his latest release.

Projet Orange

by Chris Taylor-Munro

This Quebec-based duo of brothers get ready to tour Canada in support of their release Megaphobe.

Avoid Career Suicide

by Kevin Young

Get advice from industry pros in this article which will help you make decisions from when you should play your first showcase, to how to properly approach people like A&R reps and radio stations.

Music Education

by Vivian Clement

Canadian Musician brings you its annual look at what options musicians have to help better themselves as players.

Indie Insider: Press Kits - What You Should Know.

Changes:  Shania Twain Presents The First Of The CARAS' Band Aid Grants...and more!

Showcase: Brian Byrne, Dan Politano and Kellylee Evans.