Canadian Musician - January/February 2014

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The Trews Take The Pledge

Looking At The Past, Present & Future With Canada’s Most Reliable Rock Band

By Michael Raine

It’s official. The Trews have joined the crowd funding phenomenon. It’s a new era for the band, and they welcomed CM into the studio talk about their career, the music business, and how their fan-funded fifth full-length is coming along.

Music Meets Athletics

How Sport Psychology Can Help Musicians

By Dr. Kate F. Hays

We all experience pre-performance “nerves” of one sort or another, so how do you preserve your pleasure in performing? According to the University of Ottawa’s mental skills expert, Terry Orlick, we all have butterflies; the trick is to get them to fly in formation. This is where sport psychology comes in.

 Escape From Band Limbo Part 2:

Relying On External Help

By Luther Mallory

Industry people. If you're good, they’re looking for you and will offer to help you in hopes that your art can attract an audience and make everybody some money. They will offer their services or their knowledge or their contacts to try to help you progress, usually for a percentage or a rate. This is where things get businessy; be careful…

 Redefining The “Day Job”

Levon Ichkhanian’s Life In Music

By Stacey Thompson

For many musicians, “career in the music industry” is seemingly an oxymoron; however, you can use your talent and hard work to create your own opportunities – performing, teaching, composing, arranging, consulting, and whatever else you can offer that aligns with your abilities and, more importantly, passion. Levon Ichkhanian is living proof.

New Ideas For Learning

CM’s 2014 Focus On Music Education

By David McPherson

Whether it’s a high-school teacher leading a 24-piece rock band, a piano teacher tapping into psychology to enhance her students’ learning processes, or a charity that makes sure at-risk youth get the gift of music, there’s no shortage of new music education ideas and creative ways that unsung heroes are delivering these programs to make a difference.