Canadian Musician - July/August 2019

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Canadian Musician

July/August 2019

Vol. XLI, No. 4






The Strumbellas

Thriving on Uncertainties

By Andrew King

Now supporting their fourth LP, Rattlesnake, The Strumbellas find themselves welcoming some uncertainties and, in fact, thriving because of them.


PunQ Rock

By Adam Kovac

Quebec has long been a stronghold for heavy music – hard rock, punk, metal, and more. We explore why that might be with help from Voivod, The Planet Smashers, and others.


All Systems Go!

Hardware & Software Tools for Creativity

By Eric Price

Our resident tech guru once again gazes into his crystal ball to see what’s coming down the computational pipeline and how it could enhance your creative pursuits.


Straying from Convention

Our 2019 Keyboard Special

By Kevin Young

A wide array of accomplished Canadian keyboardists offer stories of how they strayed from convention and came into their own unique style on the keys.


Indie Insider

Jeremy Dutcher on the Indigenous Renaissance


Road Test

Townsend Labs’ Sphere L22 mic modeling system, Lauten Audio’s LS-208 & LS-308 mics & Proel’s Session4 compact, portable array system




First Take


CM Podcast


Hot Gear

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Guitar – Peter Serravalle

Keyboards – Penny Johnson

Bass – Alex Fournier

Percussion – Stephane Chamberland

Woodwinds – Jim Brenan

Brass – Chris Coletti

Digital Music – David Abravanel

Vocals – Teresa Cirillo

Writing – Jadea Kelly

Recording – Jay Lefebvre

Live Sound – Matt Blakely

Business – Doug Diamond


Cover Photo: (L-R) Dave Ritter, Jeremy Drury, Jon Hembrey, Simon Ward, Isabel Ritchie & Darryl James of The Strumbellas by Matt Barnes