Canadian Musician - July/August 2020 - Digital

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Canadian Musician

July/August 2020

Vol. XLII, No. 4

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William Prince

Taking His Time to Do It His Way

By Michael Raine

By choice and circumstance, the idea of “the right time” has been the guiding principle to William Prince’s career in music, and so far, it has worked out for the best.


Better Vids = More Visibility

Improve Your Music Videos, Livestreams & More

By Samantha Corbett

From off-the-cuff livestreams to big-budget music videos, we’ve got tips from busy video pros to help you improve your productions & get more views!


Fast Romantics

  • “Pick It Up” Through the Pandemic

By Andrew King

As far as they see it, Fast Romantics didn’t make a career-defining record despite the circumstances surrounding COVID-19; in a lot of ways, they made it because of them.


Enhancing the Onscreen Experience

  • CBC’s Diggstown & How Music Affects Visual Media

By Andrew King

Imagine watching a movie or show on mute. Now, imagine watching the same thing with your eyes closed. Which is easier to follow? Which is the more rewarding experience?


Remote Collaboration for Home Recording

Tips on How to Work Between Different Studios

By Adam Gallant

This year’s focus on home recording is all about remote collaboration – the process of working with artists, producers, and engineers on one project from more than one place.


Indie Insider

How Do You Get Paid for Livestreamed Concerts?


Road Test

Prestige Guitars’ DC Coupe Deuce, the Waza-Air wireless personal guitar amplifier from Boss & Apple’s Logic Pro X 10.5 DAW




First Take


Canadian Musician Podcast


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Guitar – Peter Serravalle

Keyboards – Marika Bournaki

Bass – Kim Carson

Percussion – Jayson Brinkworth

Woodwinds – Mike Ruby

Brass – Mike Herriott

Digital Music – FutureDJs

Vocals – T. Thomason

Writing – Harrow Fair

Recording – Jeff Dalziel

Live Sound – Panel

Business – Dani Oliva


Cover Photo: William Prince live by Ryley Dawson