Canadian Musician - March/April 2005

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March/April 2005 - Vol. XXVII, No. 2

Producing and Marketing Your Own Record Part I

by Kevin Young

Featuring interviews with David Usher, Emm Gryner, Alexisonfire, and producers Byron Wong and Jeff Pearce among others, this article will give you the inside track on how to produce your own recording. Also included is detailed information on how to get your record duplicated.


by Karen Bliss

It's been seven years since Esthero released Breath From Another, but her new release, Wikked Lil' Grrls, sees the singer returning in fine form.

Kathleen Edwards

by Kevin Young

Kathleen talks to Canadian Musician about how she recorded her latest album, Back To Me.

Closet Monster

by Karen Bliss

Find out how Mark "London" Spicoluk juggles his time between playing bass in Closet Monster and running one of Canada's fastest growing record labels: Underground Operations.

Indie Insider: Commercial Airplay Myths About Radio.

Changes: Celebrity Interview With Bruce Cockburn At NXNE 2005...and more!

Showcase: The Matadors, Ryan Thomas and James McKenty And The Spades.