Canadian Musician - March/April 2006

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March/April 2006 - Vol. XXVIII, No. 2

Jeff Martin

by Karen Bliss

After fronting The Tea Party for more than a decade, Jeff Martin has ventured out on his own to release Exile And The Kingdom.

Death From Above 1979

by Kevin Young

This Toronto-based duo has released two records - a standard album and a remix record - in the last while that has seen them gain increased radio play and even landing an opening slot for Nine Inch Nails.

Live Sound

by Don Barber

This guide to live sound includes information on how to select a sound system that's right for you.

Signing a Rcord Deal Part II

by Kevin Young

With advice form some industry insiders, this article should help you to understand some of the business behind signing a record deal, including whether or not signing a deal is even the right choice for you.

Indie Insider: Choosing a Recording Studio.

Changes: OIART Develops Games With Creative Labs...and more!

Showcase: Die Mannequin, Paper Moon and Jay Bizzy