Canadian Musician - May/June 2018

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May/June 2018 Vol. XXXIX, No. 3



Three Days Grace
Are Outsiders & They Like It That Way

By Michael Raine

Three Days Grace started their career in a music market that was happy to embrace a band of emotional hard rockers. Now, they’re considered outsiders – and they’re just fine with that.


Break Through Your Mental Blocks
Tips to Inspire Creativity & Productivity

By Mike Schwartz

A host of tips to keep you on your A game, whether you’re writing new songs, readying for a tour, or generally just looking to spur new ideas and feel good doing it.


A Post-Mortem of Montreal’s Indie Rock Boom

By Adam Kovac

If 1991 was the year punk broke, 2004 was the year indie shattered. A decade-and-a-half later, we’re looking back on the Montreal scene that spawned so much great music.


The Young Guns
Canadian Musician’s 2018 Guitar Special

By Andrew King

We’ve rounded up a diverse cast of Canadian guitarists with two key things in common: all are talented, in-demand musicians and all are 30 years old or under.


Indie Insider
Riley Bell on Recording Daniel Caesar’s Freudian


Road Test
New studio tools from Radial Engineering, Warm Audio’s WA-14 studio mic & the JST Dynamics plug-in bundle from Joey Sturgis Tones.



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Guitar – Jeff Gunn

Keyboards – Hannah Barstow

Bass – Carson Webber

Percussion – Stephane Chamberland

Woodwinds – Gordon Hyland

Brass – Paul Baron

Digital Music – Mar Meredith

Vocals – Micah Barnes

Writing – Stephanie Blondal Johnson

Recording – Adam Fair

Live Sound – Maxime Brunet

Business – Lindsay Bailey & Melissa Arseniuk