Canadian Musician - November/December 2003

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November/December 2003 - Vol. XXV, No. 6


by Rod Christie

Sloan returns to Canada’s charts with their latest effort, Action Pact. Chris Murphy and Patrick Pentland share the details behind the recording of their latest release.

David Usher

by Jeff MacKay

This singer/songwriter delivers his third solo album, Hallucinations, with a fresh outlook that takes him away from his previous recording experiences.

Video Game Music

by Ryan McLaughlin

Video games are the fastest-growing entertainment technology and could possibly be an untapped market in which Canadian musicians could seek careers. Learn how composers write specifically for this market.

Focus On Percussion

by Chris Taylor-Munro

CM brings its annual look at drumming offering advice from seasoned pros like Dave Weckl, Paul Brochu, Kiyoshi Nagata, Steve-o 32 and of course the author, Chris Taylor-Munro.

Indie Insider: How To Win Friends and Influence People in the Music Industry.

Changes: Canadian Artists Racking-Up Sales...and more!

Showcase: Carrie Horachek, James Secord and Amer Diab.