Canadian Musician - November/December 2005

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November/December 2005 - Vol. XXVII, No. 6

Matthew Good

by Kevin Young

After releasing his career-spanning retrospective package, In A Coma, Matthew Good discusses how healthy the Canadian music industry is as we approach the end of 2005.

Moka Only

by Karen Bliss

The rapper and singer's latest solo album, The Desired Effect, is his most commercial sounding to date, picking up where his soulful contribution to platinum-selling Vancouver hip-hop act Swollen Members left off.

Tricky Woo

by Kevin Young

This Montreal-based rock group recently released its fifth album, First Blush, after a hiatus during which the band temporarily dissolved.

Percussion 2005 - Unconventional Drummers

by Chris Taylor-Munro

Canadian Musician presents its annual focus on perscussion, featuring tips and advice from drummers who play with an unconventional approach.

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