Canadian Musician - November/December 2017

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November/December 2017, Vol. XXXIV, No. 6



Cold Creek County
Putting in the Time

By Andrew King

Cold Creek County has wasted little time in making an impact on the Canadian music landscape, and they’re up to the challenge of maintaining that trajectory.

Will Blockchain Change the Music Industry?

By Michael Raine

Blockchain is here, and a debate is underway about its potential uses and implications for the music industry. Will it disrupt, or will it enrich?

Google Tools for the Busy Musician

By Deryl Gallant

Check out some free digital tools that are easy to implement and use on a regular basis so you can worry about what’s important: your music.

Own the Throne
Our Rock-Focused 2017 Drum Special

By Ryan Shuvera

A killer panel of rock drummers joins us to chat about gear, approach to playing, and the importance of being comfortable behind the kit.

Indie Insider
Unison: A Lifeline for the Canadian Music Industry

Road Test
RME’s Fireface UFX+ interface & ARC USB remote control, ART’s TubeMix Mixer & USB interface & Nugen Audio’s MasterCheck Pro loudness measuring tool



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Guitar – Peter Serravalle
Keyboards – Attila Fias
Bass – Isabelle Banos
Percussion – Mike Mann
Woodwinds – Daniel Schnee
Brass – Paul Baron
Digital Music – Guy Patterson
Vocals – Micah Barnes
Writing – Dale Boyle
Recording – Ryan Worsley & Clifton David Broadbridge
Live Sound – Erik Paquette
Business – Sarah Falzon