Canadian Musician - November/December 2019

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Canadian Musician

November/December 2019

Vol. XLI, No. 6






City & Colour

Returns with A Pill for Loneliness

By Adam Kovac

To paraphrase Alexisonfire, the seminal Canadian post-hardcore band in which he first came to the national spotlight, City & Colour’s Dallas Green is not the kid he used to be…


Are You Stage-Ready?

Rehearsal Tips, Tricks & Truths

By Kevin Young

Practice and rehearsal are about becoming more adept and flexible regardless of what your gig entails, but there are differences between the two.


Dominique Fils-Aimé

Looking Back to Blaze Forward

By Andrew King

“I believe everyone that wants to create, can create,” asserts Dominique Fils-Aimé – an idea that has come to define her artistic identity and subsequent career trajectory.


The East Pointers

A Fresh Take on Traditional Sounds

By Andrew King

With their new album, Yours to Break, The East Pointers seem to be less concerned with upholding traditions and more with continuing to carve out some of their own.


Striking a Balance to Boost Your Career

Our 2019 Focus on Music Education

By Omar Shabbar

As musicians, we need to find our own balance between education and experience because while we can focus on one, incorporating the other will always make us better.


Indie Insider

Advice & Insight from a Studio Legend


Road Test

Shure’s MV88+ Video Kit, the MeeBlip Geode compact synth &

Proel’s Session4 compact portable PA



First Take


Canadian Musician Podcast


Hot Gear

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Guitar – Dru DeCaro

Keyboards – Daniel Wnukowski

Bass – Jeramy “HooGie” Donais

Percussion – Ted Warren

Woodwinds – Andy Ballantyne

Brass – Paul Baron

Digital Music – David Abravanel

Vocals – Aphrose

Writing – Ruben Young

Recording – Craig Broombaugh

Live Sound – Jacob Hamayda

Business – Darryl Hurs


Cover Photo: Dallas Green of City & Colour by Renée Rodenkirchen.