Canadian Musician - November/December 2020

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Canadian Musician

November/December 2020

Vol. XLII, No. 6






Haviah Mighty’s

Hell of a Huge Year

By Andrew King

Since winning the 2019 Polaris Music Prize for the fantastic 13th Floor, Haviah Mighty has enjoyed a slew of critical praise and enviable opportunities, all setting the stage for her next release


A World of Sounds

By Omar Shabbar

Omar offers an introduction to modal music and its many forms, along with some of the top world musicians in Canada



  • A “Best Kept Secret” No More

By Andrew King

Bahamas’ Afie Jurvanen may be more at home posting parenting updates on Instagram than posing for press photos, but that hasn’t prevented him from becoming a household name internationally



  • Unlearns the Past to Make a Masterpiece

By Michael Raine

It’s a story that seems almost too perfect. After a decade of promising highs and frustrating lows, Junia-T was in a rut and feeling pressure to quit the music industry...


Improvising, Engaging & Growing

Music Education Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Kevin Young

Canadian music education charity MusiCounts has taken up the torch with a series of new initiatives to help teachers and learners navigate these unprecedented circumstances


Indie Insider

Mixing Through the Pandemic


Road Test

TC Electronic’s Plethora x5 multi-effects unit, L.R. Baggs’ Align Series of acoustic effects & Celemony’s Melodyne 5 audio editor




First Take


Canadian Musician Podcast


Hot Gear

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Guitar – Ayla Tesler-Mabe

Keyboards – Kim Bjørn

Bass – Jason Raso

Percussion – Allan Molnar

Woodwinds – Andy Ballantyne

Brass – Chris Coletti

Digital Music – Sam Martel & Collin Steinz

Vocals – Ron Hawkins

Writing – Trevor Murphy

Recording – Eli Krantzberg

Live Sound – Hugo Larin

Business – Dani Oliva


Cover Photo: Haviah Mighty by Yung Yemi