Canadian Musician - September/October 2020

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September/October 2020

Vol. XLII, No. 5






Hannah Georgas

All That Emotion Is an Album for Our Times

By Adam Kovac

Hannah Georgas’ new album is all about making sense of pain, and while it was written and recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it couldn’t be more relevant in these trying times.


Baby on Board

How Do Professional Musicians with Kids Make It Work?

By Michael Raine

Adding the unpredictability of parenthood to a musician’s already unpredictable life makes for one hell of a balancing act – but one people have been performing for decades.


MacKenzie Porter

  • An Unparalleled Upward Trajectory

By Andrew King

The word “unprecedented” has been tossed around a lot lately, and fair enough, but there’s really no better word to describe MacKenzie Porter’s rise to prominence.



  • First Toronto, Now the World

By Andrew King

One of Toronto’s hottest exports is garnering some serious international attention. That’s always been the goal, and he has no plans to leave his city or country behind.


Productivity & Progress in Unprecedented Times

Our 2020 Keyboard Special

By Kevin Young

If there’s anything positive about 2020 thus far, it’s that people have become more willing to adapt and rethink and, when we say things like ‘We’re all in this together,’ we mean it.


Indie Insider

Why You Should Insure Your Gear


Road Test

Austrian Audio’s Hi-X55 headphones, a trio of effects from Diamond Pedals & Oeksound’s Soothe2 plug-in




First Take


Canadian Musician Podcast


Hot Gear

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Guitar – Hal Rodriguez

Keyboards – Daniel Vnukowski

Bass – Alex Fournier

Percussion – Ted Warren

Woodwinds – Andy Ballantyne

Brass – Chris Coletti

Digital Music – FutureDJs

Vocals – Jeremy Drury

Writing – Donny Anderson

Recording – Eli Krantzberg

Live Sound – Panel

Business – Alayna Kolodziechuk


Cover Photo: Hannah Georgas by Vanessa Heins,