Professional Lighting and Production - Summer 2014

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 Vol.18 No. 2


Wild Looks For Hedley’s Cross-Canada Wild Live Tour

Since cutting their teeth on poorly lit dive bar stages with sub-par sound in the early years, Hedley has seen its profile propelled to new heights with each subsequent release. LD Geoff Frood takes PL&P around the rig for their hugely successful Wild Live Tour, featuring a few colourful new toys.

A Phoenix Rises At Southern Okanagan Secondary School’s Frank Venables Theatre

A fire necessitated the construction of a new, state-of-art theatre at Southern Okanagan Secondary School in Oliver, BC, that would serve as an educational platform for the school and a cultural hub for the community. Now, the all-LED venue is one of the finest high school and small community theatres in the province, and likely the country.

Canada’s Wonderland Takes 3D Projection Mapping To New Heights

For its 2011 season, Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, ON launched a new 3D projection experience on Wonder Mountain – the iconic centrepiece of the popular amusement park. Each year since, the show has undergone a few tweaks while continuing to wow the crowds at the end of a fun-filled day of thrills.

A History Of Counterweight Rigging Systems
The Early Development Years

Author Rick Boychuk presents a history of the invention and innovation of counterweight rigging systems in Europe and North America, aiming to answer the question: Who was first with a modern counterweight rigging system? Fritz Brandt in Germany or C.S. King in the United States?