Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2019

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Professional Lighting & Production

Winter 2019 Vol. 23 No. 4




Absolute Impact

Designing The Next Step – Absolute Dance Live on Stage

By Andrew King

In just a few short years, Colin Moore’s work with The Next Step live dance events has taken him from small-market Canadian cities to iconic venues around the world.


A High-Tech Community Hub

Versatile Video at Rogers Square in Halifax

By Andrew King

From sports to music to visual arts, there’s plenty on offer for those visiting Rogers Square in Halifax – a covered, open-air community hub with a special installed video system.


Professional Lighting & Production’s

2020 Directory of Suppliers

Find the Canadian sources for all of the major lighting, video, staging, and related accessories brands you need for your inventory or next install.




Northern Lights

The Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition in Vancouver, Quebec City’s Méga Parc & more


News Flashes

The latest from Canada’s lighting, video & production industries



Your industry events calendar


Product Spots

New products & technologies for the lighting, video & staging markets


In Focus

Fezz Stenton & April Viczko


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Project Update

Be More Chill on Broadway, Mitski’s Be the Cowboy Tour & more


Cover Photo: Cast of The Next Step – Absolute Dance Live on Stage