Professional Sound - October 2019

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October 2019

Vol.XXX No.5




David Bottrill

The Outlook of a Legend

By Andrew King

With no set agenda, we sit down with the revered engineer/producer and parse through some of his work, his opinions and insights, and his outlook on the art and industry.


Shawn Mendes: The Tour

Reports from the Road – Part 2

By Tom Wood

As we did in our June 2019 issue, we check in with FOH engineer Tom Wood for a first-hand account from the front lines of one of 2019’s biggest tours.


Close Talker

Brings Fans into the Music

By Michael Raine

The Canadian indie outfit presented a series of 3D-360 silent headphone concerts across Canada where fans experienced a live, immersive binaural mix in real time.



Mixing the Artist’s Skin & Earth Acoustic Tour

By Andrew King

Helping Lights, her band, and a small string ensemble recapture the delicate beauty of her Skin & Earth Acoustic recordings in front of captivated crowds across the country.


All About Imaging

A Unique System Design for Calgary’s First Assembly Church

By Andrew King

A growing house of worship upgrades its auditorium with a new sound system built around d&b audiotechnik’s immersive Soundscape technology.





The Damaging Effects of DAWs on Musicianship



The latest from across the Canadian pro audio industry



Jane Aurora, Colin Buchanan & Julian Traverse


Product Tests

Proel’s Session4 Portable Array System, Focusrite’s third-generation Scarlett 18i20 interface & a trio of web conferencing mics from MXL



The latest tools & technologies for pro audio professionals


Advertisers’ Index


Sound Advice

DSP Doesn’t Change the Laws of Physics or Math



Your industry events calendar




Project File

The 2019 Breakout Festival, Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas Residency & more


Cover Photo: David Bottrill in Studio A at Toronto’s Revolution Recording by Neal Burstyn,