Professional Sound - October 2020

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October 2020

Vol.XXXI No.5




A Look Back at Moving Forward

How CBC Kept Canadians Informed & Managed the 2020 Lockdown

By CBC Staff

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the CBC has kept Canadians informed while adapting to new and innovative technological workflows.


Losing an Audio Truck on Tour

By Jon Halliwell

When he awoke on an overnight drive between Regina and Winnipeg amidst a fall 2019 arena tour, system tech Jon Halliwell realized he was in for a very challenging day.


The Aeolian

Enhancing London’s Historic Cultural & Community Hub

By Andrew King

The Aeolian is a heritage building steeped in history but that promotes a progressive and future-minded approach to the arts for its patrons and community.


Mixing Through the Pandemic

By Michael Raine

Acclaimed producers/engineers, some of whom also own studios, discuss how they have been affected by the lockdowns and how they’re adapting creatively and professionally. 





What’s Next for the Live Event Community?



The latest from across the Canadian pro audio industry



James Bundy, Bobby Singh, Anthony Wright


Product Tests

Austrian Audio’s Hi-X55 headphones, iZotope’s RX Post-Production Suite 5, and Melodyne 5 audio editor from Celemony



The latest tools & technologies for pro audio professionals


Advertisers’ Index


Sound Advice

Creating Binaural Audio Content with an Object-Based Workflow



Your industry events calendar




Project File

West Vancouver’s Grosvenor Theatre, The Rolling Stones Unzipped & more


Cover Photo: CBC Sports Senior Production Switcher David Hustler working on a basketball broadcast, courtesy of CBC